Objective & Subjective Coding Services

All coding work contracted through our firm is performed by paralegals and/or nurse analysts. Included in the coding are lookup tables for names, document types, and keywords. For subjective coding, the paralegals will provide a brief summary of the document and can include issue coding and privelege review upon request. We can also develop a customized form to meet your specific needs.

Objective Coding fields: Some example coding fields include: Beginning Bates number; Ending Bates Number; Page Amount; Attachment Range; Date; Estimated Date; Document Source; Author; Recipient; Copyee; Document Type; Document Title; Document Features (i.e. redacted, illegible, incomplete); Names Mentioned Within Text; Keywords.

We can develop customized databases to meet the criteria of a specific case.

Subjective Coding Fields: Summary of the content of the document; Analysis of Issues.

Our staff of experienced paralegals can provide the quality service needed to analyze, edit, and develop a database with information you can actually use!

 Please contact us at (602) 482-6686 or lee@leedavisandassociates.com
for a rate sheet or a customized quote for your particular needs.