Trial Consulting


Trial Consulting

Our staff can assist your litigation team in preparing an effective presentation of your trial exhibits, videos, and photographs.

  • We can act as liaison with outside vendors to ensure your trial exhibits are prepared using the best technology at the most affordable costs.
  • As trial consultants, we can work with your team in preparing mock trials as a trial resource.
  • We can work with your team to determine the best way to present your exhibits.
  • We can assist in preparing bullet point opening and closing arguments.


Computerized Trial Presentation

Our staff can assist your litigation team in effectively presenting your evidence at trial. As experienced trial paralegals, we understand trials can change from day-to-day, minute-to-minute. We can be flexible to meet the goals of the trial team.

  • We have experienced trial paralegals that can assist your team in the courtroom for the entire trial, or on an as-needed basis.
  • We can advise the team on technology needed for the courtroom. We currently use TrialDirector® or Sanction II® trial presentation software. We can also provide laptop computers as part of our service.
  • Our paralegals are available for pre-trial and post-trial assistance.


Other Services

We are a full service litigation company. In addition to the above trial services we also provide:

  • Contract paralegals for short or long term projects. We can provide these services in your office or ours.
  • Consulting services for large document cases. Our paralegals are experienced in setting up and implementing procedures for the management of large document cases.
  • Document production. Our paralegals have experience in retrieving documents for production. We can provide a team of paralegals to travel to offsite locations to find documents pertinent to subpoenas, disclosure statements, or other production requests.
  • Certified training for Summation® litigation support software. We also have experience with CaseSoft® products.